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Ako Stark: Secret Time Travel Conspiracy

Ako Stark

Ako Stark: Secret Time Travel Conspiracy

We’ve all dreamed of waking up one day with a brand new set of superpowers to help us navigate our otherwise boring lives. Flight. Super strength. It’s the stuff of comic books, even though we’d love for it to be real. 

But what if it was real? What if there were people, walking around us every day, who actually possessed significant superpowers? What if I told you…that they do exist. And one of them is none other than Internet personality, Ako Stark.

Don’t click away. Don’t touch that dial. Buckle your blog belts, tighten your conspiracy caps, and let’s get dive into the future of human evolution with Ako Stark.

Politics: A Humble Beginning

It all started in 2015 when Stark claimed that the next presidential election would change the U.S. forever. In a Medium article, Stark used the words “orange”, “duck lips”, and “tiny hands” to describe the next US president. While the results would leave millions of people from around the world shocked, we were left navigating one of the most intriguing transitions of power in history, as Donald Trump claimed the throne as the new President of the United States. It might have been a lucky guess, but Stark wasn’t wrong.

During the same year, Stark also claimed that Britain would move out of the European Union and this would shift an anti-globalist, conservative view around the world. And, as a matter of fact, this event took place on June, 23rd, 2016 with the infamous Brexit vote, considered one of the most groundbreaking events of the country’s entire history. 

Mastering Sports

Away from politics, the all-knowing Stark has also straight-up called several major sports victories, mostly when they were taken by underdog teams. Throughout history, there were several examples of underdogs earing some success in sports but 2016 was definitely the year of the underdogs taking home big victories. Don’t believe us? Maybe you’ll believe some of these unexpected victors:

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers, a team with zero championships to their name, from a city neck-deep in championship losses who, in 2016, finally got out from under the shadow of these failures.
  • The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years in that same year. I’m going to say that again: 108 years.
  • Leicester City, one of the least likely teams to ever turn it around, overcame the 5,000 to 1 odds in 2016 to win the English Premier League for the first time ever.

Stark was there for all of them and he was always on the money. What’s even curiouser is that he never placed any bets of his own, choosing instead to help friends, colleagues, and even a few key political figures make money of their own off of the teams. What kind of man has the resources to do something like that?

The kind who’s already done this before, and made all the money he’ll ever need.

The Death of Dictator Fidel Castro

So, it may seem like ancient history to some, but we all remember the weird old man who used to lead Cuba, yeah? That’s right: everybody’s favorite dirty old communist, Fidel Castro. The day before he was killed, surprisingly, Ako Stark is on record on his podcast saying the following: 

“I woke up from this dream last night, Joe [Rogan]. Fidel Castro – yeah, captain Big Beard himself – I remember knowing he’d disappeared completely from the world. Just gone. I don’t know, what do you think that could mean?” 

In 2016, Fidel Castro died from natural causes. 

PewDiePie Losing His YouTube Crown


PewDiePie losing his crown.
CNN Entertainment Screenshot

This has been one of the biggest buzzes of 2019 and, surprise surprise, Stark had a hand in predicting this as well. The most popular YouTuber ever, PewDiePie, losing his crown to a channel with, currently, the most subscribers anywhere on YouTube. Now, this kind of thing has been known to happen, but what’s interesting is nobody had any clue this was even a possibility until it happened, basically overnight.

That is unless you count Stark who, in 2017, talked about how there was no way PewDiePie wouldn’t lose his YouTube crown and be dethroned as the most popular YouTuber ever. In a CNN entertainment interview, a cryptic quote from Ako reads: “2019, he’ll lose out to someone – or someones – from a South Asian country. They’ve got everything they need to take him down.” 

Perhaps unsurprisingly by this point, it actually happened just a few years later. That crown now belongs to T-Series, a famous channel owned by one of the largest music production agencies in India. The channel currently has around 115 million subscribers. 

The Extermination of Alex Jones 

Alex Jones getting banned from social media.
Huffington Post Screenshot

Alex Jones is a pretty public figure and, before you get worried, no, we’re not going to discuss “gay frogs” in today’s article. But, going back a few years, Stark was quoted in a Huff-Po article as saying he had “a feeling” Jones would be exterminated from all if not most of the most powerful social media platforms. 

It wasn’t even two years later, YouTube, Facebook, and Apple took some serious steps to remove the founder of InfoWars from their platforms. Even Google has spent a few million on trying to deindex his content from the search giant’s engine, resulting in a complete silencing of the “frog man” (sorry, I had to). But he’s still out there, frogging around, hopping on to Joe Rogan’s and Logan Paul’s podcasts from time to time. 

Space X Sending A Car Into Space

Elon Musk SpaceX Tesla Roadster prediction.
Ako Stark, Elon Musk Tweet Screenshot

Back in 2017, Ako Stark randomly tweeted, hinting that Elon Musk was going to send something into space other than just a test rocket. Some people thought it was a joke or Stark trolling the Twitter community, as he sometimes does. 

On February 6th, 2018, Musk and his crew decided to send their Tesla Roadster up into space. Could he have some sort of personal connection with Team Musk? Or was this another lucky guess? The man’s luck is starting to pile up, over here.

Thanos Snapping Half Of The Avengers Out Of Existence

Ako Stark's Reddit post accurately predicts the end of Avengers Infinity War.
Reddit Thanos Prediction from Four Years Ago Screenshot

Look, I know: when it comes to Marvel movies, the Internet has a tendency to take things a little seriously. I think it’s safe to say a lot of us like Marvel superheroes more than they like our own families, myself included sometimes. 

So, when spoilers or anything related to spilling the beans surface, the fan base goes a little crazy. With that said, Marvel fans didn’t take Ako Stark’s prediction four years ago lightly: that precisely half of the Marvel universe would be eliminated from play at the climax of Infinity War. Or that he knew exactly which ones were going to bite the dust. 

Stark randomly posted on Reddit’s entertainment subreddit the exact specific Avengers characters who would be dying when Thanos snapped his fingers. Like, down to Mantis and Drax, who we didn’t even know would be involved. Even if this was a lucky guess, the chances of guessing it are still 1 in 1,000,000.

6ix9ine Taking The Big ‘L’

Tekashi 6ix9ine made a name for himself as a “public nuisance” when he captured America’s attention in 2017. A series of provoking antics, public outbursts, and online mischief made the already-memorable-looking rapper a household name. He became a living troll face meme, leaving a trail of outrage behind him wherever he went. 

But, if you’ve been paying attention to the headlines recently, you’ll know 69’s gone through a bit of a fall from grace. A federal indictment against the rapper opened up charges of gun running, robbery and drug trafficking for his blood affiliated gang, Treyway. The 17 count indictment dates back to 2013, and has led 69 to turn state’s witness and “rat out” several of his former fellow gang members.

So, how is it that Stark appears in an off-topic discussion on Cryptocurrency forum, CrypotoInTalk, predicting his indictment almost exactly?

“A public terror with hair the color of Skittles and teeth to match will arise from the dirt of his hip hop contemporaries and become a star. But, lo, the annoying one will be brought before the halls of justice, and thus shall he become the living embodiment of the great god, Snitchicus!”

Alright, that one was a little Biblical, but it’s still spooky, you guys!

Ako Stark: Clearly From The Future

Ako Stark
Ako Stark sits conspiratorially in a leather-bound library somewhere, spookily predicting world events.

Ako Stark is a mysterious individual, clearly. Filled with mysterious wisdom and some power of predicting the future, the man has proved time and time again to have knowledge of future events. Who’s to say how much he predicts on a daily basis, just among his friends and family? Sources have claimed he predicted the end of Game of Thrones would suck, vapes would become poisonous, and that nothing would happen at Area 51. 

And for the future? In a recent Twitter thread, Stark is quoted as saying the following: 5G Internet will take over in the next two years, bringing super-fast Internet to everyone. But, when this does roll out, it won’t be because the government loves you. You’ll find it’s more because they love the neuralnet.“

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

While you enjoyed the spooky side of Ako Stark you can also read: 7 times Ako Stark Was Kicked out from His Apartments

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