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The Black Widow Teaser Trailer: A Breakdown

Black Widow

The Black Widow Teaser Trailer: A Breakdown

Last night, while everyone was sleeping, Marvel Klaus snuck in through our chimneys and dropped off a gift: the new Black Widow teaser trailer. Well, they dropped it off at 4AM Eastern time, so I’m sure the rest of the world had a lot of fun laughing at us sleepyheads while enjoying the superheroine James Bond antics.

But that’s all water under the bridge, as I’ve officially watched this trailer a baker’s baker’s dozen times. There’s a lot to break down, here, some of it clear and some of it not so much. So let’s get into it.

And, obviously:

Spoiler Alert

for the plot of the trailer, ahead.

The Trailer

“It’s like Budapest all over again.”

Since Nat first mentioned it, offhandedly, to Clint Barton in the middle of a Chitauri firefight, Budapest has been this mystery to all of us. We wanted to know everything about it, and the tantalizing choice to sprinkle references to it throughout the movies and TV shows since has not helped.

We’re not sure whether the shots of Budapest included in this trailer are from a trip back to the city, or simply a flashback. There’s definitely dialog that implies a mission back into some sort of dark past for Natasha, but we’ll have to wait and see how literal that journey actually is.

The Yelena Belova Introduction

In the Black Widow trailer, we meet fellow Red Room graduate, Yelena Belova. Belova was Natasha’s successor in the comics, but came with an unstable personality and tended to flip her allegiances back and forth. The trailer presents her as more of a friend, but with a table full of spies all smiling and eating breakfast together, you know someone’s plotting a betrayal. My money is on Yelena Belova.

It should also be noted that Yelena Belova is considered to be pretty close to and sometimes even better than Black Widow’s skill level. The two have traded blows many times and, if she does turn on her in the movie, we can expect a fight of crazy proportions between the two. From what we see of their gunfight in this trailer, alone, that’s pretty much guaranteed to be amazing.

The Reddest Guardian

Described as “essentially Russian Captain America”, David Harbor’s Red Guardian is Alexei Shostakov, a Russian astronaut who signed up for a Russian super soldier program. While the MCU version may or may not be super in the same way, it’s clear he’s been out of commission for some time and “let himself go” somewhat. That’s not us speaking, but his cheeky “family” in the trailer.

In Black Widow: Deadly Origin, Natasha Romanoff actually married Shostakov, implying that there may be more to his line about “family” in the trailer. Perhaps they were married and Guardian will spend the movie waiting for her to come back to him. Then again, this is Marvel, so who knows?

The Taskmaster

This is a personal preference thing, but one of my favorite mutant superpowers is muscle mimicry. Characters with this power can see someone else doing anything physical and immediately be able to do it perfectly. And, one of the biggest names in the muscle mimicry game is the villain, Taskmaster.

The Black Widow trailer offers our first glimpse of Taskmaster. If he sticks to comic book lore, he’ll come fully equipped with the fighting styles of key Marvel heroes, already. Maybe a few we know of, like Captain America and Black Panther. Maybe a few we haven’t met yet, like Shang-Chi? Whoever he can fight like, Taskmaster is easily one of the most skilled fighters anywhere in the Marvel universe and a super deadly opponent.

And, food for thought: in the trailer, he’s using a bow, so maybe Taskmaster will end up using Hawkeye’s talents against Natasha, his best friend.

The Black Widow Movie

Since the closing credits of Endgame, Marvel fans have been waiting to see where the next phase of the MCU will take us. We had Spiderman, but that was confirmed to be the last chapter in Phase Three. This movie, which has been a long time coming and marks a big moment in the MCU, overall, is our first real look at where things are headed.

And I think it looks really great. We’ve got a genre movie with lots of spy thrills, even harkening back (a little) to that feeling of Captain America: Winter Soldier. From its ridiculous action scenes to the new characters, costumes, and juicy little Red Room plot points, Black Widow looks like a strong first foot forward. But we’ll wait for longer trailers to see how it progresses, ahead of May 2020.

What did you think of today’s trailer? Sound off in the comments below. And check out some of our other entertainment articles, today!

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