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Three Cyberpunk 2077 Fixes We Need ASAP

Cyberpunk 2077 fixes

Three Cyberpunk 2077 Fixes We Need ASAP

In the last week, Cyberpunk 2077 hit shelves and gamers’ consoles of choice hard and fast. It’s safe to say this is an experience years in the making and, on many points, the game really delivers.

But, for many of us, the experience was brought down somewhat by one simple fact: it crashes like DB Cooper after he jumped from the airplane (presumably) in every way imaginable. There have been fixes. There have been patches. Things are getting…better.

The problems still persist. So, sit back and let us regail you with our top three Cyberpunk 2077 fixes that need to happen,

Crashing Like A Drunk GTA Character

We’ll start off easy by identifying the most egregious of all the problems with this game: the hard crashes reported by PlayStation owners across both PS4 and PS5 platforms. It’s no secret that gaming has been bogged down by “day one patch” fix laziness in recent years but, for a game this long in development, we were surprised by just how many game-breaking bugs crawled out of the woodwork with this one.

There was, as mentioned, the “mandatory” Day One patch, meant to help things along. There was also a “1.04 hotfix” on December 11th to factor in. But, even with all the help, Cyberpunk makes a point of crashing roughly every half hour. For some of us, it’s even more frequently than this.

So what are we talking about here? Well, if it were “just” a few hard freezes, glitches, or the like, it would be one thing. But the sheer amount of freezing and outright being kicked out to the dashboard happening all over our Twitter stream for this game is (not to put it too lightly) gross.

And yes, we’ve read all about how this issue is due to the PS (4 or 5) has a “memory buildup” issue. But, with the PC, Xbox and even Stadia versions reporting less than half the frequency of this problem, we have to wonder whether CD Projekt RED could have done more.

When a crash could occur at literally any time, it really doesn’t matter where the problem comes from. It just matters that it comes.

Get your minds out of the gutter.

Half-Assed NPC Interactions

This game was meant to set new standards for immersion if the trailers and years of waiting were to be believed. And, while we definitely have a massive new sandbox to play in, we can’t help but wonder where they went wrong with the NPCs.

Want to be propositioned by a sex worker? That’s here. Want to see people on the street do…a handful of different things? Well, they’ve got that base covered. But where’s the rest of it? If you’re looking for a range of experiences with the denizens of Night City, this game is going to leave you colder than a high-five in Mile Morales’ frost-covered New York City.

Pedestrians often repeat the exact same animations, sometimes shared between two or three different people, depending on where you find them. It’s almost as if the game has specific marching orders to throw [random pedestrian A] at [street corner B] every hour and have them complete [subject interaction X] until the heat death of the universe (or your console) overtakes them. Doesn’t matter who it is, that’s what you’re going to get when you’re there, and we’ve seen that on lesser games.

Cyberpunk should be better than other games. And, at least here, it’s not.


While it may not be the thing that hooked many of you, a lot of this game’s aesthetic comes from the fact that you’re meant to be hitting the city streets in a laser-festooned car that really goes, man. Sadly, the truth is this game’s driving physics feel more bloated than your uncle after Thanksgiving dinner, and twice as unresponsive.

The car takes off randomly, loses steering control at high speeds (especially when you clip someone on the ground) and, harkening back to our glitch point, earlier, could vanish through the floor at a moment’s notice. The different vehicles in the game all boast their own wildly unpredictable weights and momentum, so drivingĀ at speed becomes an exercise at guessing what’s about to come next. Brake, swerve or swing your car the wrong way, and that sweet drift you were planning becomes a sweet drift into the afterlife pretty quickly.

Cyberpunk 2077 Fixes: Final Thoughts

Look, there’s definitely a reason Cyberpunk is setting the gaming world on fire right now. Whether you play on PC or console, this game delivers in ways the competition just can’t. But that’s exactly what means it should be doing better on Playstation right now.

We live in a world where games ship unfinished all the time. We understand that. But wouldn’t it be nice if the legacy a new game left on the world was breaking that mold and shipping in a state that didn’t need day one patches? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Maybe it’s unrealistic. But for Cyberpunk to take the gold as the best of it’s generation, it has a lot of fixing to do on its own DNA in order to be the game it should be,

Stay tuned for more from this channel, and feel free to spread this article far and wide. Go Go Blog Time is a one-man operation, and we’ll (I’ll) be working on new content on a regular basis moving forward.

Disagree with anything I’ve said here today? Got any more ideas for Cyberpunk 2077 fixes you’d like? Sound off in the comments! I’m loving playing this game right now, and am itching for good conversation on the topic.

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