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Five Richest Dead Celebrities

dead celebrities

Five Richest Dead Celebrities

Celebrities make – and spend– a lot of cash. When it comes to amassing huge amounts of wealth, however, death doesn’t have to mean the end for the stars and starlets of this world. Celebrities continue to pass away every year and carry on making the kinds of money most of us can only dream of, long after their deaths.

So, let’s take a closer look at five of the biggest earners on the “celebrity no-fly list” for life. We can’t say for sure, but you’ll be surprised by some of the richest dead celebrities here.

Howard Hughes – Net Worth At Death: $11 Billion

American business magnate Howard Hughes was the textbook definition of a renaissance man. He was also exceptionally weird With his no-doubt pee-smelling hands in movie pies, aviation pies, and weird billionaire shut-in recluse pies, Hughes’ name would become the thing you think of when you talk about “rich people problems”.

He also died with the modern-day equivalent of $11 billion in his bank account, so who am I to judge? If anybody from the Hughes estate ever reads this and wants to adopt me, please get in touch.

dead celebrities Howard

Michael Jackson – Net Worth At Death: $400 Million

It says something about the death of Michael Jackson that we can still be sitting here, ten years later, wanting to make Michael Jackson death jokes, and thinking, “No, it’s still too soon.” The man was a cultural icon and, by all accounts, a musical genius. He also gave us the Do The Bart Man rap and, for that, the world will forever be in his debt.

But, I figure you can hold off on paying him, even in the afterlife, as the King of Pop died with a bank balance of $400 billion. So, yeah – he can probably get by in the meanwhile.

dead celebrities Michael

Mufasa – Net Worth At Death: Everything The Light Touches Or Something

Kids growing up in the ’90s had to deal with a lot of their dreams being crushed. MTV turned into the home of bad reality TV shows. Those 3D pictures you stare at until they turn into something turned into gifs of cats. And that “S” symbol we all drew on our trapper keepers turned out to be nothing much at all.

But the biggest disappointment of all was DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT watching Mufasa die in The Lion King. We’re not here to talk about Simba’s dad breaking our tiny hearts in two, though. No, we’re here to talk about that lion paper, and our boy Mufasa was worth a lot of it.

According to Shmoop, using clues we find in the movie, we can safely guess the Lion King is probably set somewhere in Kenya. And, with Mufasa’s most famous quote, being “Everything the light touches is our kingdom”, we can pretty much confirm the Mufasas own the entire country.

Nice. Now, checking in with Kenya’s GDP around the time of the original movie’s release, we get a number of $7.148 billion at around the time of Mufasa’s death. As the de facto animal monarch of the entire country, it’s safe to say Mufasa could have claimed this national net worth as his own, making him crazy rich.


Keith Richards – Net Worth At…Wait, He’s Still Alive? Keith Richards Is…Really? Wow! I Mean…Good For Him, I Guess?

Seriously, though, the guy looks like a lizard wearing lizard pants. He’s only 75, but the dude looks like an actual mummy. I don’t even know how much he’s worth, I just…damn.


The Monopoly Man – Net Worth At Death: All The Money (Probably?)

As the official mascot for the world’s worst board game, the Monopoly Man is pure distilled money. Just look at that mustache. Look at those coattails. Look at this Wikipedia article confirming his real name is “Rich Uncle Pennybags”, for God’s sake!


This guy means business, and the business he means is all the money!

This topic has actually already been covered in a Forbes list of the richest fictional characters in the world. But, where that list relies on a bunch of lame jokes about getting out of jail free or picking up $200, I’m going to stick to the facts. Or, rather, the one fact:

Rich Uncle Pennybags owns err’thing within the Monopolyverse. Any street you could buy. Any jail you could end up in. He runs it all. Hell, even Mufasa, who owned a country, died eventually. But Pennybags has been on top of his game since its inception in 1903. He’s never been sick. Never taken a day off. He is immortal, owns the world, and will not rest until his vision comes to pass.

So, he’ll never die, but him being basically immortal is essentially like dividing by zero, so if he never dies, he never existed and is already dead. So, checkmate, haters.

Richest Dead Celebrities

Being a celebrity can and often does come with huge amounts of money. What’s great for celebs who pass away is that, as it turns out, death can sometimes do literally nothing to stop your flow of income. In many cases, dead celebrities can end up being worth more than the average person ever will be.

Looking for more great content, from the serious (like the richest dead celebrities) to the not so much? Check out some of our other blogs, today!

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