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The Death Row Records Hasbro Acquisition

Death Row Records Hasbro

The Death Row Records Hasbro Acquisition

There’s probably no more infamous name in the world of hiphop record productions than Death Row Records. With stories of feuds, incarcerations, and Suge Knight (just generally), it’s a name with a special place in history. And that place, traditionally, is festooned in gang signs, empty 40oz malt liquor bottles and terrible 90s gangster cliches.

Which is why the hip hop set its eyebrows to “intrigued” last week, when it was announced the infamous record label would be changing hands. Not because they’re too street at this late stage in their career to be traded off to new owners, or even the $4 billion price tag attached to the deal. Instead, it was because of who those owners are. Namely, the biggest toy company in the world: Hasbro.

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Why Death Row Records Matters To Hip Hop

The visual of a beloved toy company picking up one of the rap industry’s may seem weird, and that’s mostly because it is. Just for a minute, however, let’s talk about some of Death Row Records’ impacts over the years, for a more complete picture of the purchase:

  • Made West Coast Rap Mainstream:
  • Gave Jobs to Formerly Incarcerated Employees
  • Kicked Off The Controversy = Cash Mindset

A lot of the modern DNA of hip hop comes from work that Death Row Records did. They’re a pillar in the history of this genre of music. Which is why their purchase by the owners of toy likenesses from Spongebob to Nerf guns has gotten tongues wagging.

The Death Row Records Hasbro Purchase

Announced last Thursday, Hasbro has officially bought Entertainment One, the owner of Death Row Records, home to dozens of rap legends. The hip hop record giant made major news in 2006 when it declared bankruptcy, before making headlines again in 2009 when it was auctioned for $18 million. In 2018, Entertainment One picked it up. And that brings us, neatly, to the Hasbro acquisition.

So, what can we expect from the unexpected merger? Are the kids ready for Dr. Dre action figures? Maybe a Suge Knight Monopoly board? Sound off in the comments section below, and let us know what’s on your Death Row Records Hasbro Christmas list.

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