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Top 10 Famous Dogs From Movies That Stole Our Hearts

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Top 10 Famous Dogs From Movies That Stole Our Hearts

There’s a proud history of awesome dogs running through cinema, basically from its earliest days. With dozens of happy, loyal, energetic doggo faces running through some of our favorite movies, there are almost too many dogs to choose from for anybody trying to choose a favorite.

Almost. Join us today as we bring you ten (and one extra for good measure) of the most famous dogs in movies and TV. And feel free to sound off in the comments if you think we’ve missed anybody.

Beethoven in ‘Beethoven’

The lovable St. Bernard star of this hit 1992 family film won our hearts with his giant teddy bear features and, well, disgusting slobber and droopy eyes. He was the quintessential gentle giant and had a family full of doting dog lovers to back up his claim to the cute pupper crown.

Pitbull in ‘John Wick’

At the end of the original John Wick movie, our protagonist settles the score for his murdered puppy by slaughtering anything with a pulse in the Tri-State area. More importantly, however, he goes out and adopts (steals) a new dog to take care of. The unnamed dog went on to become a franchise staple, backing Wick up and backing up our hearts with action movie “Aww”s.

Fly in ‘Babe’

If we’re talking best dogs out there in the movie world, we have to make special mention of the mom dog category. And that prize would have to go to “Fly”, the Border Collie from the movie Babe. The eponymous pig’s adoptive mother teaches him to herd sheep, encourages him through difficult challenges, and mentors him like he’s one of her own. And she’s such a cutie, too!

Max in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

In spite of the bad company he keeps, Max the dog is a loyal pooch and the most wholesome character in this whole movie. Throughout the film, Max is the primary source of humor, and a constant companion to the Grinch, just like the good boy he is.

Slinky in ‘Toy Story’

A perennial member of the OG Toy Story gang, Slinky the Dachshund is cute enough to warrant a spot on our list even without being real. With a torso made entirely out of a Slinky spring and a croaky southern accent, he is unwavering and true, as a rule.

Buddy in ‘Air Bud’

So, as far as movie dogs go, a golden retriever that plays basketball is…well, it’s pretty silly. But Buddy has something special to him that just keeps us coming back. Played by a real-life basketball-playing dog with the supernatural ability to score actual baskets, we stan Buddy, every time.

Lassie in ‘Lassie Come Home’

There is no dog in the world of movies more important than Lassie. The classic cinematic Collie, Lassie came to be the icon for loyal, quick-as-a-whip dog companions with a heart of gold over nine movies and a TV show. With that beautiful coat and kind face, Lassie will always have a space in our hearts.

Wishbone in “Wishbone”

Anybody with access to a TV and the right kind of luck in the mid-eighties would have caught the ongoing antics of a talking dog named Wishbone. And their lives would have been all the better for it. A cheeky, dreamy, scamp of a Jack Russell terrier, Wishbone taught us to read and to love.

Shadow & Chance in “Homeward Bound”

In a list that already features a beautiful golden retriever, we couldn’t resist adding Shadow, the goodest old boy who ever made his way home across country and against impossible odds. Add Chance, a cocky American bulldog, to the mix, (and some cat) and you’ve got a touching story of family and teamwork that makes Homeward Bound an instant classic.

Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”

Easily one of the most instantly recognizable dogs in cinema history, Toto is Dorothy’s loyal companion and scrappy second-in-command throughout Wizard of Oz. With the attitude of a much bigger dog, Toto reaches out through the screen and makes you look at his adorable little mug.

The Most Famous Dogs In Cinema History

And there you have it: ten of the most famous cutest dogs in cinema history. Got any favorites we neglected to mention? Think we missed the mark on any of the dogs we did name check? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other article on the cutest cats in famous movies, today!

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