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JixCS’s Ako Stark: Nicer Than You Think!

Ako Stark

JixCS’s Ako Stark: Nicer Than You Think!

YouTube celebrity, Ako Stark, is notorious for his ability to turn any crap into some of the most interesting…crap you’ll see, anywhere online. Thanks to him, many YouTubers have made names for themselves over the years. Stark has hosted private YouTube and Instagram seminars to teach others how to build their personal brands and 90% of them who listened and stayed consistent achieved mega results on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

It goes without saying that Stark knows what he’s doing when it comes to virality. Stark has had many successful YouTube channels in the past, with some turning to dust when Stark refused to follow the YouTube rules. One account terminated at 120,000 subscribers. Another at 830,000.

It’s been a long career for our boy, Ako Stark, is what we’re getting at. But, even with all that on his plate, what’s interesting is that he actually often makes time to reach out to his fans and followers in the digital sphere.

JixCX: An Act Of Kindness

On August 17th, 2019, Instagram user @tsa.adms posted the following on her profile:

“Okay I have been begging my mom to adopt a cat, she thinks i can’t get 10,000 likes before August 23rd. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a like and maybe sharing this to a friend or two it’d mean a lot!”

It was during this time when one of Stark’s more popular YouTube channel, JixCX‘s fans tagged his Instagram account in the post, Tweeting it out to him and even sharing the post in his DMs.

Now, as you’ll know if you watch his videos, Stark is not a big cat guy. But he was touched by the story of this Mom vs. the Internet and gave the young lady a shoutout on his Instagram account. Encouraging his followers to help her reach 10,000 likes by the 23rd of August. At the moment, Stark only had 245K Instagram followers, but it was enough to get her the boost she needed to get to 10k likes.

Not even 24 hours later, she reached her goal of 10,000 likes on her post. A few days after that, she made her first post with her new kitten. Here is her photo, posted with her new kitten, thanking everyone who supported making her dream come true.

Although her photo with a brand new kitten didn’t get as many likes, it goes without saying that people on the internet aren’t usually half bad. There are some good people out there and a lot of opportunities to do good. You really never know what can happen.

Not All Celebrities

Just recently, Kim Kardashian helped a guy who’d gotten out of jail remove his facial tattoos. He’d written to Kim for a year, straight, asking for money and to help remove the crazy tattoos from his face. Kim read his story and was touched. She donated the money to pay for his laser removal treatment, going the extra mile to help her fellow man.

There are so many great other examples of celebrities, YouTubers and Instagram influencers performing random acts of kindness to help the people around them. Keep your hopes up and have a little faith – you never know if, one day, your favorite celebrity or YouTuber may make your dreams come true.

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