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Celebrities make - and spend- a lot of cash. When it comes to amassing huge amounts of wealth, however, death doesn't have to mean the

It gives me so much joy to write the words "Rage Against the Machine" and "reuniting" in the same sentence. Some weeks, the universe gives you

We’ve all dreamed of waking up one day with a brand new set of superpowers to help us navigate our otherwise boring lives. Flight. Super

Starting after 2013's Breaking Bad finale, "El Camino" was a sleeper hit released as a sort of coda to the end of the series. But,

"What is the Fortnite black hole, and why should I care?" Well, firstly, that's a pretty aggressive line of questioning, there, sir, madam or unassigned.

If you've been anywhere near Twitter in the last few weeks, you'll have heard about the Tekashi 6ix 9ine upcoming court case. He's a wildly

It: Chapter 2 releases at theaters across the country in a few short hours from now. And, if you're a horror-obsessed, Kill Count-watching Stephen King

It's not overselling things to call heavy metal mathletes, Tool, one of the most uncompromising bands of our time. It's an adjective that perfectly sums

Sometimes, dreams come true. In a world where we just got Veronica Mars back and Tool just released a new album, nowhere is this more

There's probably no more infamous name in the world of hiphop record productions than Death Row Records. With stories of feuds, incarcerations, and Suge Knight

A brand new Avengers: Endgame easter egg emerged earlier today: a hint that time travel has been (or will be) used to travel to times

In 2012, one of my favorite bands ever broke up. My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way put out a lengthy note the following year, outlining what

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