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It gives me so much joy to write the words "Rage Against the Machine" and

We’ve all dreamed of waking up one day with a brand new set of superpowers

Starting after 2013's Breaking Bad finale, "El Camino" was a sleeper hit released as a

"What is the Fortnite black hole, and why should I care?" Well, firstly, that's a

If you've been anywhere near Twitter in the last few weeks, you'll have heard about

It: Chapter 2 releases at theaters across the country in a few short hours from

It's not overselling things to call heavy metal mathletes, Tool, one of the most uncompromising

Sometimes, dreams come true. In a world where we just got Veronica Mars back and

There's probably no more infamous name in the world of hiphop record productions than Death

A brand new Avengers: Endgame easter egg emerged earlier today: a hint that time travel

In 2012, one of my favorite bands ever broke up. My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way