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I grew up in a family full of old farts. My mom was an old fart. My uncles were old farts. My dad was the fartiest old fart

When it comes to art, there's no one right answer to what is good or what is bad. And the same goes for video games. But, with that

When a movie gets it right, introducing a cat as a character can be the single greatest thing ever. Hell, even when movies get it a little bit

Last night, while everyone was sleeping, Marvel Klaus snuck in through our chimneys and dropped off a gift: the new Black Widow teaser trailer. Well, they dropped it

Today, Gearbox announced their first official DLC campaign for Borderlands 3. An upcoming raid on fan favorite, Moxxi's, the update will be Borderlands' last for the year. But

Celebrities make - and spend- a lot of cash. When it comes to amassing huge amounts of wealth, however, death doesn't have to mean the end for the

It gives me so much joy to write the words "Rage Against the Machine" and "reuniting" in the same sentence. Some weeks, the universe gives you so much awesome

Starting after 2013's Breaking Bad finale, "El Camino" was a sleeper hit released as a sort of coda to the end of the series. But, far from being

"What is the Fortnite black hole, and why should I care?" Well, firstly, that's a pretty aggressive line of questioning, there, sir, madam or unassigned. We're all friends,