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The 10 Cutest Cats In Movies

cats in movies

The 10 Cutest Cats In Movies

When a movie gets it right, introducing a cat as a character can be the single greatest thing ever. Hell, even when movies get it a little bit wrong, they’re still pretty great. Something about the sight of a cat, whether it’s old, young. CG or live-action, makes you want to just reach in through the screen and start pinching little furry cheeks.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to take a closer look at ten of the cutest cats in movies. Join us, as we bring you the star players in the kittie contingent of some of Hollywood’s biggest films, and feel free to let us know in the comments section if you hate our choices.

Let’s get right to it.


Cards on the table, this cat was probably cuter than all of those gormless, slack-jawed, pasty-faced wizard kids combined, at least for the first two movies until they all suddenly became gorgeous. And, even then, I’d still take him home over any of those other whiners, any day of the week.

Orange. Soft. Into long train rides and chasing after evil wizards disguised as rats. This cat has it all, and he has it in spades. Crookshanks, indeed – you stole our hearts, kitty!


I’m going to say something now that’s going to make me very unpopular among certain groups, but Garfield isn’t funny. At some point in the mid-’90s, we all got fooled into thinking he was, with the lasagnas, sleeping in, Mondays, and casual abuse of everyone around him. But those comic strips are boring, and this movie is boring with CGI.

But he cute. There’s no denying it, this cat is cute as a lazy, fluffy button voiced by Bill Murray, and we would pet him all day long if necessary.


The titular feline from the animated movie we all had on VHS at one point in our childhoods, Oliver is the Cadillac of adorable cartoon kitties. Let’s run through the checklist:

  • big emotive eyes
  • plucky attitude
  • tragic backstory
  • look at him he’s just perfect

Oliver’s story of heroism in the big bad city adds to his charm, and with Billy Joel as his sidekick, this kitten can and will come to own your heart.

Puss in Boots

Sometimes, cats seem designed to be just cute enough to get whatever they want from you. Other times, you know they were designed that way. Case in point for the latter, Puss in Boots. Voiced by the imitable Antonio Banderas, this cat is equal parts dangerous, adorable, and uncomfortably red-blooded?

But it’s when he hits you with the one-two punch of those eyes that you see Puss’s single best feature by far: those eyes. Get ready to tumble headlong into the abyss when this swashbuckling fleabag turns on the show, because those things are huge and they make us want to give him all the scritches!


What more is there to say about Keanu the cat? This is the lead character in a movie about a cat that is so cute, it makes two full-grown men fight a Mexican cartel gang for ownership of the damned thing. This little tabby boy is intensely cute, turning his big, watery eyes on you in slow motion as he stumbles and tumbles his way through a gun-fight.

I want to put this whole cat in my mouth, I don’t know what else to tell you.


Orion is a different kind of beautiful cat. Full grown, without all of the easy cuteness of a kitten, Orion steals the show in the original Men in Black movie. Making his way from owner to owner while guarding the galaxy jewel around his neck, Orion hisses at bad guys and is just the best little boy ever.

And yes, if you are picking up on a thing I have for orange cats, you are not mistaken.


Homeward Bound was one ofthe OG “pets-with-feelings-get-into-cross-country-hijynx-and-will-make-you-cry-as-they-learn-to-love” movies. You know, that old archetype. And the movie’s resident cat (and Ms. Sassybritches) is none other than the 90s Queen Bee herself, Sassy the Cat!

As fluffy as she is curmudgeonly, I think it’s the piercing blue of Sassy’s eyes that really reaches out of the screen to slap you across the face. And why would she slap you? Well, knowing her, you probably did something to deserve it.


The be-all-and-end-all of cartoon kitties, it’s almost unfair to put the world’s most famous movie cat in a list of cartoon cats. Simba is all-at-once a cheeky scamp, the quintessential adorable Disney cat, and a singer of awesome tunes with his pals, Timon and Pumba. That’s everything I want in a cartoon cat, and I’m sure you do, too!


This cat is too pure for this world. Gepetto’s original child before he breathed life into a magical puppet, Figaro is fearless, a bigger character than his little kitty body, and the glue that holds Pinocchio’s relationship with Gepetto together. This movie should be called “Figaro’s wild adventure”. Forget the fairy godmother – Figaro’s the real magic in this movie.


For our last post, we turn to a more recent sidekick kitty: none other than Captain Marvel’s own resident Flerken, Goose. Continuing our proud tradition of giving orange kitties all the love in the world, this cat deserves all the love in the world. Sure, it’s actually not even a cat, but an extradimensional alien capable of swallowing massive things and carrying them in its pocket-dimension insides.

But it’s also so cute! Why do I want to put the whole cat up my shirt? Is that normal? I don’t know what to do with my face around you, Goose!

The Ten Cutest Cats In Movies

And there you have it – ten of the cutest cats in movies. Whether or not you agree with the entries on this list, sound off in the comments below and share it far and wide with your fellow cat lovers! And remember: Garfield is not as funny as you think he is. But damn, he’s still plenty cute!

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  • This article should include Keanu as all 10 nominations. He’s pawfect.

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