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The Morbius Trailer

Morbius Trailer

The Morbius Trailer

So they went and did it. After a healthy week of buildup, Sony released the trailer for Morbius, today. The next movie in their Venomverse, this dark, bloody, almost 90s-style horror flick stars Jared Leto as the titular Morbius, and his abs as his abs.

But did you know that you missed at least four things during the Morbius trailer? It’s true – your eyes aren’t what they used to be. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

That Origin Story

Alright, let’s not play around: hardcore fans of the original comics, people old enough to have been casual fans, and anyone old enough to have watched the 90s show will know who Morbius is. For anyone else, you’re going to need a quick summary of Michael Morbius and his sad-as-hell backstory. And, luckily, this trailer gave us exactly that. 

Michael Morbius, a Nobel prize-winning biochemist with a medium-rare blood disorder appeared for the first time in the Amazing Spider-Man #101 in 1971. In his quest to fix his Kurt Connorsesque tragedy, Morbius combines his DNA with a vampire bat and becomes the living vampire. 

That name is actually an interesting holdover: due to the comic code of ethics at the time of release, Marvel wasn’t allowed to make references to zombies or undead things in their work. Their solution was a character that had both the words “vampire” and “living” in their name. And it worked. 

So there’s that.

That Title Card

Something eagle-eyed viewers (or just viewers with regular human eyes) may have noticed is the new title card attached to this movie. As has been covered at length in blogs about the Marvel / Fox / Sony Marvel-trinity, Sony is the last production company outside of Marvel with rights to Marvel comics properties. 

The new card reads “In association with Marvel”, leading to big questions across the faniverse, the chief of which is “How are we going to explain this crap to our kids one day?” The second of which is “Is this going to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?” 

In short, it looks like yes. In the same way that the TV series’ Agents of Shield storylines would often reference the movies, without ever getting namechecked in the movies themselves, this movie is going to connect outwards. Expect lots of wanted posters of Spidermnan, meanness from J Jonah Jameson, and Vulture / Scorpion nods. 

Do not expect similar references in the next MCU movie.

PS4 Spiderman

This isn’t anything groundbreaking, but was a fun thing those sharpshooting YouTubers caught out pretty quickly. In a short shot during the trailer (2:08 for those of you playing along at home), Morbius walks past a Spider-Man poster with the word “murderer” spray painted over it. 

At a glance, there’s nothing wrong with this picture. It’s Spider-Man, who we know was framed by Mysterio at the end of the last movie, so this makes perfect sense, and is even exciting as it’s not appearing in an MCU movie, right? 

Until you realize they used a picture from the PS4 Spider-Man game. A game that used the Sam Raimi movie costume, which our boy Tom Holland has never worn. 

The theory is Sony has weird shared rights to these characters but, because Tom Holland’s still wearing the Iron-Man Spider-Man armor, they actually can’t use any image of him in that costume. Which would be pretty petty on Marvel’s part, but pave the way for this actually-genius workaround from Sony.

Adrian Toomes

Next, there’s the huge revelation at the end of this trailer that Morbius will run directly into Spider-Man Homecoming villain, Adrian Toomes (AKA. The Vulture).

The footage seems to imply there will be a moment in the movie when Morbius is either arrested or comes into contact with a group of escaped convicts. Toomes (and possibly Scorpion) will be among these crime boys and crime girls and, to a greater or lesser extent, will influence Morbius’ story.

What’s great about this is it’s another strong hint that Sony is gearing up for a Sinister Six storyline. This group of supervillains includes Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Vulture, Mysterio, and Dr. Octopus. Though we’ve seen a few of these characters in movies up to this point, the implication for their appearances moving forward paints a pretty exciting picture for fans.

The Morbius Trailer

The Morbius trailer looks okay. We’ll probably all see the movie and have different opinions but, for a movie about a vampire supervillain, it looks like…well, exactly that. What did you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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