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Top Three Non-Violent Video Game Guns

video game guns

Top Three Non-Violent Video Game Guns

Following two tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton this month, the national discussion has shifted to gun control. With 340 mass shootings in 2018 alone and fears of more in 2019, America is living through a difficult time. Flags are flown at half-mast every other month, and the shootings have become a source of national concern.

Something else that came from the shootings was president Donald Trump’s reflections on the state of violence in the media. Specifically in video games. Decrying “the glorification of violence in our society,”, Trump made special mention of video games as a culprit. “This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace.”

A good argument, from certain perspectives, but video games are far too varied to all be labeled “violent”. That would be like banning literature because American Psycho is violent. Modern gaming has actually come a long way from its bullet-riddled roots in the late 90s and early 2000s, with many hot new games having no violence whatsoever. What’s more, they tend to be popular and many do extremely well, too.

Don’t believe us? Check out these top three video game guns that did no damage but made their way into our hearts.

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The Portal Gun

Aperture Science’s Handheld Portal Device, lovingly known as the Portal Gun, and supports one of the greatest video games ever. The Portal franchise: winner of dozens of Game of the Year awards and the greatest musical ending screen ever created.

Few weapons get to be iconic in a video game. This gun is an icon of its time and the perfect answer to the question: “How much fun can you really have with zero pews in your gun?”

Set entry portals, shoot out exit portals, and get ready to think with non-lethal weaponry. Whether you’re using yours to propel yourself across a stage via a complicated layout of low and high portals, or just messing with sentry bots, this gun literally never stops being fun. From the design to the orange-and-blue portals, nothing about this gun is by the book.

video game guns

Solar Gun

For a game from the series that prides itself on its tactical sneaky-sneak antics, Metal Gear Solid 4 provides surprisingly few non-lethal weapons for its players to go to town with. The Solar Gun is one of those few weapons. 

Awarded for finding all five collectible dolls in the game, the Solar Gun is equal parts weapon and strobe light. The gun itself is charged by sunlight, making it mostly effective in levels where the sun is present (obvs), and the sight of Snake stopping to point his gun at the skies is worth the price of admission.

Ultimately, it’s a silly idea for a weapon, but the fun of the solar gun is in its inherent strength. Charge it fully and you can knock any enemy out cold and send their limp body literally flying back. Delicious.

video game guns

The Morph-O-Ray

Ratchet and Clank’s entire point of being is to throw bigger, better, more gear-covered guns, bombs, armor and vehicles at its players. A failed attempt by weapons manufacturer, Gadgetron, at creating a disintegration ray, this cartoonish weapon does the most cartoonish thing it’s possible for a gun to do. It turns enemies into chickens.

Now, I know what you Call of Duty fans reading this might say. Yes, adorable weapons doing adorable things like turning Goombas into cotton candy or shrinking Nazis down to pocket-sized have been around for many years. But this weapon is impossible to do any damage with, instead creating little frantic feather balls that just sort of…hang out. The bigger the enemy, the longer it takes to transform, with the only boss that can be transformed being the Alien Queen.

It’s whimsical, effective, and a great example for the kids, even in the middle of all the chaos and gearickry of the R&T franchise.

video game guns

Video Game Guns

What are your favorite non-lethal video game guns? Sound off in the comments, and remember to be good to each other out there, people.

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