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9 Reasons Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

9 Reasons Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

It’s part of humanity to fall in love. We’ll fall in love with those who we think can make us happy or complete us. Someone with something to offer, man, woman or otherwise.

The process starts simply enough: we download Tinder, upload a few good photos of ourselves and start swiping to match with our future. However, as much as you would like to think you can get to know someone all the way, there are some parts we’ll just never know entirely. And that makes these people even more irresistible because we can’t just leave them and move on before we know. The state of being in love is so powerful, it doesn’t just let go of things that easily.

So join me, for our 10 reasons why people who keep us guessing their next move are more attractive than your average date.

1. Creating A Need To Know More

There’s an old saying: “Less is more”. When your date won’t speak about how their day went, what they did, or what happened, it’s the most direct method possible of sparking your interest. It piques of our intrigue, making us want to get to know more.

2. Chess

We love guessing people’s moves. It brings us internal joy when we are able to predict what someone will do next. It gives us a sense of control over the other person but, with mysterious guys, it’s hard to predict them. Uncertainty sucks but the thrill of guessing keeps us attracted.

3. Acceptance

When people are very selective with who they choose to have around and build close relationships with, it makes you want to have them select you, because we like to be accepted. It is a form of initiation that makes us feel like we earned a special spot in their group.

4. Connection

You get a strong feeling that they are emotionally intelligent people, although you can not verify it to begin with. This makes you want to open them up and connect with them more.

5. Independence

This person’s character is to build a big wall between the world and themselves. They live in their own heads, where they want to be, which means that they are self-sufficient. That makes them even more attractive to us.

6. Popularity

If you are exploding in popularity or have good looks. everyone calls you pretty or beautiful. They may not even have the slightest interest in dealing with you. Which will initially annoy the heck out of you, but also lead to you becoming more interested in them.

7. Indifference

Whatever you do to get their attention, it never seems to work. Sometimes you just want to hold them against the wall, smack them around a little, throw your water in their face and shout “Notice me already! Jesus!”

And they probably won’t even notice that, even if you never stop noticing them.

8. Intelligence

They are highly intellectual and often spend most of their time alone, questioning and observing. They are typically very calm and make solid decisions without getting into a flap. They are great observers and, when you speak to them, they easily understand you. This is a strong pull for these mysterious individuals.

9. Unphased

They don’t care about what others think of them as well as what others do. They also don’t go around gossiping. They don’t get angry as easily as others. They know themselves well. They are charismatic and have cool personalities, but don’t go out of their way to impress anyone.

9 Reasons Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

This type of personality is interesting, complex and, because you can never be able to fully figure them out, your love from them won’t end quickly. On the upside, you won’t be bored, either.

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